Black blazer with badge,
White rever collar blouse (short or long sleeve not sleeveless),
Grey pleated tartan skirt or
formal plain black school trousers,
Black/white ankle socks/plain black tights, no patterns,
Black flat shoes







Black blazer with badge,
White shirt,
School tie (red/gold/black),
Black trousers,
Black shoes - (not pumps, trainer type, boots)

PE Uniform Girls and Boys

Red reversible rugby shirt with white stripe, with school badge.
Red polo shirt with school badge.
Plain black shorts.
Plain black socks.
Trainers with non-marking soles, not boots.


Red sweatshirt with school badge.
Plain black tracksuit bottoms.


No jewellery other than watches may be worn by any pupil. Earrings are not allowed for girls or boys. To ensure sufficient healing time for newly pierced ears, please have the piercing carried out at the beginning of the summer holidays. The school will not allow sleepers or plasters stuck across the top of 'studs'. On no account will the wearing of jewellery in any other 'body piercing' be acceptable.

Make up

Make-up is not allowed under any circumstances. This includes nail varnish, glitter, eye make up and lipstick. False Nails should not be worn as they are a Health and Safety hazard.

School Bags

Designer type handbags and purses are not to be used. They are not in keeping with the traditional ethos of our school. School Bags should be black, brown, blue, or grey and large enough to carry A4 text books.


This is a traditional school with traditional values and hair should be in a style that is in keeping with the ethos of the school.

Hairstyles which involve undercuts, ridges, steps or lines cut into the style, or shaven and partially shaven styles or dyed in bright and unnatural hair colours are unacceptable. Nothing less than a number 2.

Beaded hairstyles are not allowed. Plaits (without beads) and long shoulder length hair must be tied securely and kept off the face in practical lessons. For health and safety reasons hair should be kept clean, neat and tidy and in a style that does not cover the face.

Hair decorations should be unobtrusive and in school colours - red/gold/black. Elaborate grips/clips are not considered necessary for everyday school wear. Glittery/bright colours are equally not suitable. No flowers.

Please Note On no account should any of the following be brought for everyday school wear.
High fashion / casual
trousersTrainers (except for PE)
Tight Lycra skirts
Skirts with side splits
zip/hooded sweatshirts or tops
cycling shorts
Logo'd tracksuits - tops and/or bottoms
Denim jackets
Logo'd outer coats