Summer School has been running since 2012.  This year all Year 6 pupils were invited to attend from 9.30am until 2pm for 3 days.  Pupils will need to be dropped off and picked up (No buses). 

Many staff were involved in arranging and delivering activities throughout the week which included:

  • Treasure Hunt around school
  • Drama, Art, Food Technology
  • Science, Maths and English
  • ICT, Sports, Languages

We are looking forward to Summer School 2017

My thoughts are that I was scared about going into high school. I was a bit scared about walking around the school because I thought I would get lost and be alone but now I have been summer school I feel more happy and ok to walk around the school and now I feel like I belong.

Caitlin | Year 7

I've really enjoyed drama because it was really funny doing our poses and I canít wait to start doing drama lessons in September. I get a head start.

Harry | Year 7

I love summer school so far it has been so great. I loved literacy and cooking and playing games it is so helpful. I was really nervous about coming here but it is amazing now you find out where all the rooms are and how to get round it is the best and I wish I could come again next year.

Daniel | Year 7

"I liked the games we played to get to know each other it really helped me".

Lucy | Year 7