What is e-Praise?

E-Praise is an online praise and rewards system designed to motivate students. It allows students to register and save up praise points they receive on line. The system promotes better focus and enthusiasm across all areas of school life and engages students of all abilities.

How does it work?

Students are awarded praise points / stickers for doing something well. This might be working really hard on a piece of work or based on something like extra-curricular involvement , attendance, punctuality, good grades, improved progress or demonstrating commitment to school expectations. Students are then rewarded based on how many points they have received from the school.

How do I register my e-Praise points?

Each student will be given an e-Praise log in and will enter the unique code given to them on each e-Praise sticker. Teachers can also log on and award points to students accounts using a teacher log in, they do not have access to individual student accounts. Students are responsible for claiming their e-Praise points on line.

How do I "spend" my e-Praise points?

Each student will have a facility to "buy" goods from the e-Praise shop. The shop will be open on certain days in school. By registering e-Praise points, each student will also be eligible for "prize draws" which will be held at various points throughout the school year and are open to every year group.

Can I log onto my e-Praise account at home?

Yes you can by using the school?s website. This means parents/carers can also see how many e-Praise points you have been awarded throughout the year.

What sort of products can I "buy" in the e-Praise shop

There will be a range of items available. These will include sweets, chocolate, classroom equipment such as pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, memory sticks, footballs, rugby balls and so forth. We have also received endorsements from various local organisations and suppliers whose products and offers will feature in our shop and "prize draws".