New @ Newman

Once you get your letter telling you which school you are going to you will be invited to a New @ Newman day which takes place in June each year. Before you come for this day Miss Wilson will be visiting you in school to ask you to pick 3 friends you would like to be with. It is important to pick 3 people who you like to spend time with and get on with. Miss Wilson will use this information to make sure that you are put in a form class with at least 1 of your 3 choices. On the New @ Newman day pupils from feeder primary schools will be collected and others will make their own way to school. You will then all meet together for the first time. A very exciting and scary experience! Each form class will be read out and you will then be taken by your form tutor to a classroom. The rest of the day is spent getting to know the other members of your form and finding out everything you need to know. This will include a tour of the school through a question sheet, speaking to prefects who will be spending the day with you and getting a New @ Newman booklet. This will have in it everything you need to know for getting ready for High School. This is a very exciting time and you will be nearly ready for starting in September.