"The curriculum is well designed to meet the needs of the full range of pupils, including the right balance of academic and vocational subjects. Pupils study a broad range of subjects, a number of which are supported by extra-curricular study clubs. Pupils’ learning is further enriched by a wide range of additional activities including reading and chess clubs in the library, visits – to theatre productions for example, music and sporting fixtures." Ofsted 2016

All curriculum areas have access to a wide range of E-resources via hard-wired connection to the internet and intranet and all are served by interactive whiteboards. There are opportunities to book cross-curricular computer suites for use with whole classes. The school's VLE provides opportunities for curriculum and out of hours learning

Opportunities for All

At Cardinal Newman Catholic High School, we pride ourselves on our broad and balanced curriculum and range of extra-curricular opportunities, which enable each child to experience success and achieve or exceed their potential.

There are a variety of curriculum support and intervention strategies across all year groups for identified students including Gifted and Talented activities, learning mentors and study support in addition to literacy or numeracy intervention programmes.

Key Stage 3

We believe that Years 7 – 9 are very important building blocks to ensure success in later life. Students will acquire skills and knowledge at this stage which will support their success at Key Stage 4 and beyond, preparing them academically and socially to achieve their potential in GCSE exams and post-16 study. All students develop the main key skills of literacy, communication and numeracy as an integral part of the curriculum, together with personal learning and thinking skills which allow them to flourish as independent learners. Our Values and Attitudes programme provides opportunities for personal development and the adoption of sound ethical and moral values, the growth of self-esteem, leadership and sense of social and environmental responsibility. Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) is delivered in Form Time and via stand-alone days and has a focus on citizenship, health and careers. The statutory requirements for sex education are also provided within this programme alongside RE and Science lessons.

In Y7 & Y8 students are set by ability in English, Maths, Science and MFL according to KS2 scores and school baseline assessments and setting reviews take place throughout the year. In all other subject areas they are taught in mixed ability form groups.

In Y9 students are grouped into sets within 2 bands according to KS2 scores and department assessment outcomes except in creative and technology subjects where they continue to be taught in mixed ability groupings. There is flexibility to move within each band, however cross-band moves must be agreed by core subjects. Setting is regularly monitored to ensure that students are following a programme appropriate to their learning needs.

Each student is set end of year targets at the beginning of the academic year although in Y7 this does not take place until the end of the Autumn Term to enable the school to obtain all the necessary information regarding the progress of your child. Most students will begin their KS4 programmes of study part way through Y9 in core subjects.

In Y7 & 8 your child will study:

English Maths Science RE French & German*
Geography History Art Drama Music
ICT Food Design Technology PE Values & Attitudes

*Students with weaker literacy skills will only study one Modern Foreign Language and will have timetabled Literacy periods.

In Y9 your child follow the same curriculum but will opt for 3 out of the 5 creative and technology subjects to enable a greater focus on GCSE skills.

Key Stage 4

We offer students 2 curriculum pathways at Key Stage 4 which will equip them with a range of academic and vocational qualifications depending on their aptitudes and interests. Each route is intended to provide progression to post-16 education or training and enhance students' personal and intellectual development.

As part of their core entitlement, all students follow accredited courses in English, Maths, Science, RE and PE. Students are set according to academic ability across 2 bands with flexibility to move within the bands in core subjects. Options subjects are largely mixed ability.

The PSHE programme at KS4 replicates the key focus areas from KS3 and is delivered in the same way. Students who achieve L6+ in Science at the end of KS3 may choose to study triple science although this is reviewed regularly to ensure all students are following the best programme of study for progression.

KS4 option blocks are designed around student choice where possible with popular subjects in more than one option block. Students are guided to a personalised KS4 programme, making KS4 option choices according to their learning needs and aspirations. The minimum number for a viable option is 15 although some options with smaller student numbers may be protected to safeguard curriculum balance and entitlement. Citizenship, work-related learning and enterprise are integral to all areas of the curriculum. Subjects studied at KS4 all lead to accredited qualifications and support progression post-16.

English Baccalaureate

Core Subjects

General route*

Core Subjects

English & English Literature


Triple or Dual Award Science

Religious Education

1 Foreign Language from options pool

1 Humanity Subject from options pool



English & English Literature


Dual Award Science

Religious Education

1 Humanity Subject from options pool



Optional Subjects

Four subjects from the following; *3 if identified for Maths/English intervention





Art & Design




Design & Technology: Food

Design & Technology: Product Design

Child Development

Health & Social Care



Business Studies

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