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The department fosters talent and encourages independent learning by nurturing creativity and imagination. We seek to inspire students to acquire the skills and vision to enable them to achieve their full potential and develop a love of art and design.

We aim to:

  • Help students to understand and give meaning, to the visual world they live in.
  • Develop appreciation of art enabling students to communicate in a visually creative way.
  • Encourage students to think and act as artists, craftspeople and designers, working creatively and intelligently.
  • Nurture curiosity leading towards investigations of the man- made and natural world.
  • Foster commitment and determination in the search for a personal means of expression.
  • Develop self- confidence, self-reliance and organisation skills.

Key Stage 3 Summary

The course encourages students to respond to the world around them and to their own experiences, helping them to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings in some visual or tactile way. It sets out to offer flexibility in approach and encourage confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement. There is a balance between investigating and making Art, Craft and Design and developing an understanding of the work of other artists and artistic traditions.

Year 7 consists of building on basic techniques, linking to the principals of art and the work of artists. In year 8 we focus on different times and cultures where ideas, beliefs and values are shared and communicated through art. In year 9 the course is structured like a GCSE course allowing students to access the national curriculum through thematic projects. This means that they are very well informed when it comes to their option choices and the transition to GCSE is also a smoother one.

Curriculum Overview

Year 7
Year 8

Year 9

Autumn Term

Baseline Assessments

Cultures - (Indian/African/Aboriginal/Mexican) Analysing,researching,experimenting with techniques and linking to artists.

Drawing Techniques
Spring Term
Self-Image - Drawing and painting

Cultures - (Indian/African/Aboriginal/Mexican) Analysing,researching,experimenting with techniques and linking to artists.

Still Life
Summer Term
Self-Image - Linking to artists
Youth Culture - Street Art


Key Stage 4 Summary

At Key Stage 4 pupils follow the unendorsed course for the exam board AQA. This course allows pupils to use a variety of two and three dimensional media, techniques and processes including both traditional and new. Coursework accounts for 60% of their GCSE grade with the exam project making up the remaining 40%. A selection of further work will be produced responding to a gallery or museum visit. Each student must present a portfolio representative of their course of study. The portfolio must include sustained project work, which will run from September in year 10 to December in year 11. They use mount boards and sketchbooks to record and develop ideas and produce imaginative outcomes which range from more traditional painting and 3D work to photography and digital media.

Curriculum Overview

Year 10
Year 11
Autumn Term
Organic/Natural forms Project - Researching and Recording

Organic/Natural forms Project - Final Piece and Evaluation - Mock exam

Spring Term

Trip - Response to Museum/Gallery

Exam Project - Researching,Recording,Experimentation and Designing

Summer Term

Organic/Natural forms Project - Experimentation and Designing

10 hour Exam and Evaluation
All work submitted for moderation (MAY)


Miss H Hunt (Head of Art)

Mrs L Grehan (Teacher of Art)