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Physical Education


It is our aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to experience a wide and varied Physical Education curriculum that focuses on the promotion of a healthy active lifestyle. The departments focus is to provide our students with meaningful sporting experiences that will help them to select a healthy active lifestyle for their years beyond Cardinal Newman.

Through studying a diverse and varied curriculum students are exposed to a number of different sports and activities which will promote their physical, social and emotional development throughout key stage 3 and 4. Furthermore, our curriculum is designed to help students develop skills that will become an essential part of adulthood. These skills include the ability to work as part of a team, display leadership skills, develop communication skills, provide and receive feedback and show determination to independently work towards a goal or outcome.  The overall aim of our Physical education curriculum is to develop students physical literacy so that when they leave school they have positive experience and understanding of sport and physical activity.

Extra-curricular activities:

Coinciding with our curriculum we run an extensive extra-curricular programme which includes both lunch time and after school clubs. The sports we offer in our extra-curricular programme are as follows; Football, Netball, Rugby, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Handball, Rounders’ and Athletics. The clubs are non-elitist and are all set up to encourage participation and inclusion for all.

Key Stage 3 Summary

In Year 7 pupils are introduced to a number of sports with the prime focus being on developing understanding of rules and techniques within those sports in order to compete/play them safely. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop good working relationships with their peers through the large amount of team sports on offer. Pupils are also given the chance to explore and monitor their own physical capabilities and understanding of how sports are played and how certain techniques are performed.  They also are introduced into sports leadership and understanding of how to lead and coach a session. This element of the curriculum develops student’s communication skills, respect and organisational skills which will benefit them later in their school lives.

In Year 8 pupils continue to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through a range of schemes of a work. There is a greater emphasis on selecting and applying the skills in competitive situations and scenarios. This shift in focus allows students technical performance to be further enhanced and developed.   

In Year 9 pupils begin to prepare for KS4 PE by developing their ability to apply the skills and techniques they have used in previous years. The schemes of work provide pupils the opportunity to Lead, officiate, participate and analyse performance.  There is a greater emphasis placed on the understanding of key exam level terminology that will support students learning should they select to study Physical Education throughout Key stage 4

At Key stage 4 students who are interested in a career or further study in the sports industry have the opportunity to undertake BTEC TECH AWARD in Sport, Activity and Fitness. This recently published course has been developed to give students an insight in to the sports industry as a whole not just from a performance based point of view. There is a scientific element of the course that provides opportunities for students to learn and develop an understanding of the body and how it responds to sport and activity. Furthermore, the role sport plays in our physical, emotional and social fitness and how sport has a positive impact upon our mental state and well-being.  In addition to this students will complete modules that give them an insight into the sports industry and roles such as fitness instructor, sports coach, sports scientist, psychologist, nutritional advisor and physiotherapist.  Students who select the will have 5 one hour lessons across their two week timetable. These lessons will be split between practical and theory lessons and mirror the value of theory and practical components. There is a large reliance on theoretical understanding and scientific knowledge of how the body works and as a result students who select ‘sport’ are making a commitment to learn in both practical and theory based classrooms.


Mr S Corrigan (Head of PE)
Mrs R Finn (Assistant Head teacher)
Miss S Airey
Mr J Smith